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Benefit/Credit/Debit Cards

State Benefit Cards, Commercial Credit and Debit Card Purchases

The Leavenworth Farmers Market is now accepting State Benefit Cards for eligible food items purchased in the market. The State Benefit Card acts as a debit card and is the mechanism for the distribution of SNAP Nutrition and Cash Assistance to families.   All Food Assistance Cards regardless of the state of issue are accepted.

The Leavenworth Farmers Market, with a grant from the Kansas SRS, has purchased a Wireless Point of Sale (POS) device that supports the acceptance of the State Benefit Cards. In addition to the State Benefit Cards, the Wireless POS device will allow the Leavenworth Farmers Market to accept all Major Credit and Debit Cards.

On market days, shoppers can go to the Leavenworth Farmers Market Welcome Center (located at the market) for State Benefit Card, Credit and Debit Card transactions. The shopper simply swipes their card, determines the dollar amount needed and enters their PIN.  Shoppers are then given Market Tokens, similar to wooden nickels, which may be used to purchase items from any market vendor.




State Benefit Card transactions have no minimum amount or transaction fees imposed.

Debit transactions are subject to a $1 service fee. The fee supports the transaction and monthly fees associated with the use of the Wireless POS device.

What CAN be purchased with $1 Tokens:
  • Breads and Cerials
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Meats, fish and poultry
  • Dairy products
  • Honey
  • Seeds and plants which produce food for the household to eat
What CANNOT be purchased with $1 Tokens:
  • Nonfood items, including
  • Pet foods
  • Soaps
  • Household supplies
  • Vitamins and medicines
The following rules apply to the $1 Tokens only:
  • No change may be given
  • Sales tax is not charged
  • Purchases must be from the eligible food list above
The following rules apply to the $5 Tokens only:
  • Change may be given
  • Sales tax is charged
  • No restrictions on purchases


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